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  • Significant Gleim Savings until September 14!

    Gleim recognizes the value of IMA Chapters and so they are providing members with a special offer now through September 14th. Save up to $475 when you pre-order the 2020 edition of Gleim CMA Review! Chapter members will receive a remarkable 32% discount on the Gleim Premium Review System until September 14th. As a Strategic Partner of IMA Gleim has arranged to be able to provide a special for 30% off the CMA exam entrance fees now thru September 14!

    The latest edition covers 2020 CMA exam topics and is equipped with SmartAdapt™ technology which personalizes your review and eliminates the guesswork of studying.

    And in this latest edition you'll also enjoy:

        • Even more videos covering the toughest topics and providing question walkthroughs
        • Enhanced books and online platform for a more accessible, intuitive experience
        • The best bank of exam-quality questions and explanations
        • Dedicated support from Personal Counselors and Accounting Experts
        • +Access Until You Pass® guarantee

    If you plan to sit for any part(s) of the exam this year, the 2019 edition is still available, and if you need to switch to the 2020 edition, Gleim has you covered! Their Access Until You Pass® guarantee makes sure you have up-to-date materials as long as you’re studying, no matter when you plan to take your exam.

    If you have any questions or concerns about this offer, our representative, Alexandra Graham, can be reached via email at or by phone at 1-800-874-5346 ext 428.

    Orders can also be placed online at or by using your chapters custom ordering link. Please note that the 32% discount will be displayed at check out and not on the initial welcome screen.


    If you contact Alexandra, she will guide you through the  process.  Note that our Chapter number is 058.