Helen Sharkey: Low Man on the Totem Pole – How I Became a White-Collar Criminal

When:  Sep 30, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (ET)
Associated with  Akron Chapter

Akron chapter invites you to our free virtual CPE session, "Low Man on the Totem Pole – How I Became a White-Collar Criminal" presented by Helen Sharkey.

Helen Sharkey speaks about her experiences with brutal honesty and not a trace of self-pity. She talks about her excitement when she landed her “dream job” at Dynegy, only to be followed by dismay when she began to doubt the ethics of what they were doing and, ultimately, her complete loss of faith in the company. She details her gutwrenching fear when she realized that the Justice Department was targeting her, her struggle with the decision to plead guilty, the shame of being branded a felon and her time behind bars. She talks about her mistakes frankly, yet also delivers a message of hope: even when things are at their darkest, never lose sight of the light at the end. Follow it and believe.



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